Summer of Sports: Beginner-Friendly Running Tips

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Summer of Sports: Beginner-Friendly Running Tips

Running is a sport that people seem to have a love/hate relationship with. Just the sight of runners making their way down the unfriendly Philippine roads early in the morning can leave passersby scratching their head wondering how/why a person would subject themselves to that kind of ordeal.

On the other hand, runner enthusiasts who are dedicated to the sport can often get incredibly passionate about it; often forming groups with people who share their love for the sport.

If you’re one of the people who are curious about what the running hype is all about, here are some beginner-friendly tips you should know before you take your first step.

It’s Okay to Start Small

If you’re a beginner to running, it’s best that you break your runs down into intervals and try to keep them short at the beginning.

Don’t be ashamed to walk between the intervals if you need to catch your breath and recover. You can start lengthening your running sections and reducing the need for walking when you feel like your body can take it.

As a beginner, you can start by alternating between 2 minutes of jogging and 2 minutes of walking. Gradually increase your running intervals by one minute per workout until you can run the entire distance at a stretch without having to walk.

Progressively increasing the difficulties of your runs will be more fruitful in the long run *wink* compared to rushing your progress and overestimating the distances you can finish.

Pace Yourself

Your body has to get used to the new stresses and strains of running. Many beginner runners start out jogging too fast and end up exhausted in just a few minutes. This can lead to a lot of frustration, overexertion, pain and/or even injuries that will ultimately lead to losing interest in running.

This is why it’s recommended to start running at a moderate pace. Even when you feel like you can go on a faster pace, you should do your best to maintain a consistent pace whenever you run.

Proper Recovery is Important

Our bodies need rest so it can recover from any form of physical activity, and that’s true for running as well.

Giving your body the ability to adapt to the physical demands of running takes time. So, it’s recommended that you create a schedule that provides you the most optimal amount of time for recovery. A simple training plan can definitely help beginners develop at a steady rate.

Get Your Gait Right

Running is a technically challenging sport. A lot of beginners don’t realize that having the proper running technique can make a session easier and helps you save a lot of energy.

Your body develops the coordination necessary to perform the complex sequence of movements that make up the proper running form with every kilometer or mile that you run. Make sure you consult with running veterans to figure out how to fix your running gait!

Strength Training is a Must

Running is a full-body workout. In order to maintain the proper running form, you need a strong, healthy, stable core. The rest of your muscles should also be in good shape so you can stay light on your feet. Regular strength training can definitely lead to a better running performance!

The Right Shoes Can Take You a Long Way… Literally

Getting the right pair of running shoes is a must! Finding shoes that will help you get through hundreds of miles, protecting your feet, and helping you improve along the way is a relatively tedious process. Shoes that may even feel like they're doing some of the hard work for you.

How do you find these shoes? You choose a shoe that protects and supports your unique anatomy. That means that you just don't pick a shoe based solely on looks or reviews. All our bodies are different in their own way and your performance can be affected by how well your shoes fit you.

Do your due diligence when it comes to finding the right running shoes and you’ll feel like Cinderella getting her glass slipper back.

You can always consult with specialists at the Toby’s Sports Flagship Store in BGC and Runnr BGC if you’re hesitant about doing your own research. They can help you get a more detailed look at the measurements of your foot and it can ultimately help you decide on what type of running shoe you should get for your needs!

And when you decide to take that first run and you finally get over the initial discomfort, running can provide some amazing benefits that will definitely improve your physical health, mental health, and well-being.

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