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ZIV Bulk 129
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ZIV Bulk 129

In retro style, I re-assigned the new life of the 70s large-size sunglasses, and combined the color with the functionality to introduce the new BULK series. The lens adopts a polarized gray piece (the gray piece can maintain the true color of the scene, and is not distorted), which not only can unify the light in all directions, but also alleviate the discomfort caused by the messy light of the eyes, and then layer plating in different colors to help the eyes. Instantly capture the subtle changes in the environment, take the right lens curvature, and also show ZIV's insistence on the goods.

The high-precision elastic memory material is used as the frame material. This time, the matte frame color is improved in brightness. It is also the first time that the polarizer is designed as a single-piece large mirror surface , which not only has high covering property , but also has good shading effect , and can prevent sunlight from being worn through the gap of the glasses. Throughout, whether it is riding or outdoor (seaside) activities, BULK is the best protection for sports enthusiasts to carry out outdoor light sports, to fully reflect the possibility of every comfort.

  • Elastic memory block member
  • Slip nose pads
  • Polarizer

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