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ZIV Elegant II 108
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ZIV Elegant II 108

The ELEGANT polarized series looks like an ordinary appearance, but it is a popular item since the establishment of ZIV sports sunglasses in 2010. It is also the champion of ZIV sports sunglasses in 2017. Whether it's attached to myopia glasses or worn directly, ELEGANT polarizers subtly align the direction of light in all directions, slowing the discomfort caused by the messy light, and helping the eyes capture the subtle changes in the environment!

In 2018, with the first generation of ELEGANT as the design spindle, the new ELEGANT II was re-launched, redefining the elegant taste of the ELEGANT series. The ELEGANT II is presented in a lighter, stylish round frame with high-quality polarizers and elegant lines designed to ensure that the ELEGANT II is comfortable and stable for long periods of time. ELEGANT II protects your eyes and brings your vision into a clear journey!

  • OTG system (Over The Glasses) sunglasses that can be worn with myopia glasses. (Applicable for myopia glasses with a distance of 14cm or less)
  • Ultra-lightweight frame material

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