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Adidas Combat WTF Foot Socks
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Adidas Combat WTF Foot Socks

  • Strong EVA (3-8 mm) protection device against any external impact and crash. 
  • Non-skid design with peep-towed and bare front and rear bottom of foot.
  • Extremely flexible fabric used and light weight which makes comfortable feeling while putting on one's protector. 
  • Less impact effects on one's toe, instep, ankle caused by EVA material used on the parts of frequent rubbing and smashing. 
  • Good air circulation and pull off the protector easily. 
  • Velcro closure around ankle with adidas rubberized logo on front. Also features adidas adidas and WTF logo on front. 
  • Size range in length:
    • XS: 220-240mm
    • S: 240-250mm
    • M: 250-260mm
    • L: 260-270mm
    • XL: 270-280mm
    • XXL: 280-300mm

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