• Core Adjustable Kettlebell 40 LBS
  • Core Adjustable Kettlebell 40 LBS
Core Adjustable Kettlebell 40 LBS
Core Adjustable Kettlebell 40 LBS

Core Adjustable Kettlebell 40 LBS


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Core Adjustable Kettlebell 40 LBS

The Core Adjustable Kettlebell in 40 Lbs easily converts by releasing the lock mechanism to add or remove cast-iron weight plates in six increments. It has an extra-wide handle for easy grip and a flat base.

  • For full-body exercise: The Core Adjustable Kettlebell is not just for your arm workouts. This free swing weight can be incorporated into ab and core workouts, leg workouts, and even back workouts. Strengthen and define your muscles all over your body with this kettlebell. 
  • Whether you’re new to exercise or a veteran trainer, the Core Adjustable Kettlebell makes an excellent addition to your exercise equipment. It can be used in group fitness classes as well as personal exercises. From bodybuilding to beginner-level exercises, get ripped with this multi-weight kettlebell. It works for both men’s and women’s workouts!
  • Drop cast iron plates: This kettlebell weight includes 6 drop cast iron plates. These plates can be easily removed or added to alter the total weight of the kettlebell, ranging from 10 pounds to 40 pounds. These plates allow you to tailor your workout to your own specific needs. This not only saves you money, but it cuts down on storage space as well.
  • 7 KETTLEBELLS in one! Adjust the weight of the kettlebell to 10,15,20,25,30,35 or 40 pounds!
  • DIMENSIONS: The Adjustable Kettlebell Weight has a wide handle for workouts. The handle is 1.5” wide and is made of black powder-coated cast iron to make it more durable. Each of the 6 adjustable plates is held in place with a heavy-duty, plastic clamp. This ensures that the plates will stay in place as you incorporate the kettlebell into your workout. 

From beginners to bodybuilders, the Core Adjustable Kettlebell is an excellent addition to your home gym, exercise machines, and dumbbells. Kettlebells are among the most versatile weights when it comes to full body workouts. They can be used for anything from arm and core exercises to leg and back workouts. Whether you’re going for a solid six pack or looking to take your overall muscle tone to the next level, this kettlebell weight can be used in a wide variety of ways to help you achieve and support your fitness goals. You can add or remove plates until the weight is light enough to manage and heavy enough to challenge you. The total weight of the kettlebell is 40 pounds, although plates can be removed to reduce the weight to as little as 10 pounds. 

If you are relatively new to kettlebells, the Core Adjustable Kettlebell is perfect for you. It answers all the questions you might have about which weight you need to start with or which weight to do different exercises with. You can easily perform high rep or low rep workouts of the same movement by simply adjusting the weighted plates with the slide of the lever!

How to use: To adjust the weight on this kettlebell, simply place your thumb or index finger in the circle on the top of the kettlebell and slide towards you. Next, rotate the lever all the way to the right to unlock the weight plates in the center. Finally, remove the plates to select your desired weight, then slide the lever on top back towards the left in the locked position.

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