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PTP Massage Balls MSB COMBO Fluorescent Green / Black
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PTP Massage Balls

  • The Massage Balls are designed to provide 2 distinctive levels of tissue massage.
  • You can use one or the other to relieve varying levels of muscle tension affecting your feet, glutes, hips, back, shoulders, forearms and more.
  • More than just a self-massage tool, the Massage Balls also contribute to injury prevention.
  • When used before and after exercising, they help increase range of motion and address possible muscle imbalances.
  • The soft-density Massage Ball (lime colour) provides a moderate tissue massage that is suitable for individuals starting recovery therapy or with a limited tolerance to pain, while the firm-density Massage Ball offers a strong tissue massage that goes deep into the muscles and should satisfy individuals with a higher tolerance to pain.
  • How do they work? Muscle pain can often result from a prolonged sitting position, poor posture or the practice of sports and stems from an accumulation of muscle tension (feeling of “knots”) and soft tissue adhesions (feeling of tension and stiffness).
  • Through direct pressure and deep muscle penetration, the Massage Balls help release trigger points and break up soft tissue adhesions whilst promoting blood circulation and healing.
  • This translates into muscle pain relief, relaxation and increased joint mobility. 

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