7 Gift Ideas for The Sports Enthusiasts and Outdoor Junkies In Your Life

By:April Ang

7 Gift Ideas for The Sports Enthusiasts and Outdoor Junkies In Your Life


One thing most people need to understand about their sports enthusiast friends and outdoor junkies is that their passion for fitness and the outdoors is not just a hobby. It is a full-blown lifestyle. 



This would mean that they are very unlikely to change their habits anytime soon. As their friend, you want to support their lifestyles, and you can do so by buying them fitness gifts. Unfortunately, it can get a little complicated because these individuals already know what they like—and in most cases, they already have it. However, with so many options along with competing brands, it can be pretty challenging to choose the best and greatest workout gear or outdoor equipment. After all, you need to ensure that you will get them something that they will use and enjoy instead of collecting dust. 


This gift-giving endeavor is not impossible, however. You can always find the perfect holiday gift for your friend—whether that may be a new pair of Nike Basketball Shoes or a new tent for their camping excursions. To assist you in your gifting search, this article has curated a list of some of the best outdoor, health, and fitness gifts available on the market right now. 


Below is an array of gifts that any sports, gym, or outdoor enthusiast in your life will certainly enjoy: 

1.) Steel Water Bottle 

These days, bottled water has gotten more expensive. With a steel water bottle, your friend would no longer need to buy bottles of water just to keep themselves hydrated, whether they are at the gym or out for a jog. More importantly, steel water bottles can keep water and other beverages hot or cold for hours, plus it dispenses the need of having to throw them away after use which makes it a sensible and eco-friendly choice. 


2.) Under Desk Elliptical Machine 

For your friends who are passionate about fitness and working out, you can give them an under desk elliptical machine. With this nifty machine under their desks, they can get a bit of a workout even when they are confined to their desks. Anyone who has worked from home owing to the pandemic knows how it can be quite tricky to stand up from your desk and move around. People are seemingly more glued to their screens at home than they are at the office. With an under desk elliptical machine, you can address this. Users can pedal with some resistance. It is quiet too, so your friend can choose to bring it to their office without worry of disturbing any of their colleagues. 


3.) Carryall Bag 

If your friend is always trying to squeeze a workout session in after work, they may need a gym bag that can carry it all. Choose a carryall bag that allows them to pack their work essentials along with what they need for the gym. In this way, they do not need to lug around two bags just to keep their sneakers and gym clothes in place. 


4.) Workout Gloves 

Keep your favorite gym rat’s hands protected while they lift weights by giving them workout gloves. Choose one that is quality-made, durable, and made with breathable and flexible material. In this way, they can spare their hands from blistering and chafing. Additionally, it provides them with crucial traction as they lift—even when they are known to have sweaty hands or fingers. Select a pair of gloves that come in multiple sizes and have an adjustable closure to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. 


5.) Grip Socks 

If you have yogi friends, there is a likely chance that they spend most of their downtime at the yoga studio. As passionate yogis, the last thing they want is to slip while they are attempting to perfect their poses. For this reason, they need to have the right pair of yoga socks. This is where you come in. Treat your friend to grip socks that will allow them to stay in place during their next yoga session. If you are feeling extra generous, give them a yoga mat as well for a truly spectacular fitness gift combination. 


6.) Lifting Wrist Straps 

Make sure that the gym enthusiast in your life does not put their risk while they lift weights by gifting them with lifting wrist straps. Choose straps that are padded to ensure that the fabric or material does not dig into their wrist. Also, you may want to choose one with longer straps so that they can maintain a firm grip. They will thank you from the bottom of their hearts when you treat them to these as they have you to thank for their pain-free lifts. 


7.) Smart Jump Rope

A smart jump rope is always a welcome gift to anyone who wishes to get back on track with their fitness regime. With this gift, your recipient can jumpstart their workout routine or fitness journey. Choose one that comes with comfortable nonslip handles and one with a screen that allows the user to see their jumping data. In this way, they can track their jumps and workout data and see if they are anywhere near their fitness goals.

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