About Toby's Sports

Toby’s Sports is the leading multi-brand sports retailer in the Philippines, delivering the best in sports and fitness products to millions of Filipinos nationwide. Toby’s Sports had its small beginnings in 1978 as a modest toy shop in a quiet corner of Greenhills Shopping Center. The store, which was first called Toby’s Forms and Shapes and later on Toby’s Sports and Hobbies, was the brainchild of Roberto Claudio, Sr., who named the store after his eldest son. Seeing an opportunity to grow the business, he transformed the retail space into a sporting goods store, and eventually expanded its reach to cater to more customers. Today, Toby’s Sports carries over 100,000 items from 160+ trusted brands in various sports, and operates 63 stores across the Philippines, as well as an ecommerce store (www.tobys.com).

Quality Products and Unparalleled Service

At Toby’s Sports, we believe that every athlete deserves the chance to become better. And they need someone who understands what they are going through, regardless of where they are in their chosen sport. As the authority in Philippine Sports retailing, we are in an amazing position to help millions of Filipino athletes become better, and we do this by purposefully designing our stores to inspire them, offering our wide variety of well-curated products from the world’s best brands, as well as our own line of affordable alternatives, through an elevated in-store experience, and a user-friendly eCommerce site. Athletes can count on encouragement and enthusiasm from our teammates, who are knowledgeable and offer trustworthy expertise. We take their safety and security very seriously and work hard to ensure our products, retail experience and handling of personal information is best-in-class.

A Legacy That Inspires

For the last 45 years, we have been relentless in our mission to inspire millions of Filipinos to become extraordinary champions by harnessing the power of sport in their everyday lives. Providing them with the right gear and the service to match has been the core focus of our business operations, and we do this through passionate and skilled individuals within its thriving organization.

Although the core of our business operations is the retailing of sports and fitness equipment, at the heart of what we do is that simple yet strong belief that sport has the power to change lives. We have been in the industry for over four decades, and have become, through the years, not just a sports store, but a trusted ally in sports and fitness for millions of Filipinos. We put our legacy to good use by continuously advocating sports and fitness and the many benefits that it can bring to our nation and our people. From our growing footprint to our partnerships with like-minded organizations, and our other initiatives that aim to promote sports and an active lifestyle, we are here to stay, and we are here to inspire.