Pick up

Pick Up Location
You may now pick up your order in our warehouse at Pasig City (Please see the map below).


Waze Pin: https://ul.waze.com/ul?ll=14.57405313%2C121.08482838&navigate=yes&zoom=17&utm_campaign=waze_website&utm_source=waze_website&utm_medium=lm_share_location

Google Maps Pin:


Courier Pick Up

You can also book your own courier service to pick up your order 

(Please see the table below on what vehicle type to book for the item you purchased).

* The team will not be liable for any damage to the order incurred during transit with the 3rd party courier.

Pick Up Schedule and Process

1. Prior to order release, our team will ensure that the items are securely packaged.
2. The customer will receive a Pick-up Confirmation Message from our Customer Support Champions, via email or text message, when the order is ready for pick up. Before heading to the fulfillment hub, kindly make sure that you have received the confirmation message first. This is to ensure that the order is ready for pick-up and to avoid inconvenience, as orders cannot be released prior to receiving the confirmation message.
3.  Pick up schedule for orders is MONDAY - FRIDAY: 9 AM - 3 PM, excluding holidays.
4.  Upon arrival at the pick-up area, person picking up must complete the visitor’s log sheet
5. The person picking up the order must always observe proper social distancing while in the fulfillment hub.
6. The person picking up the order would be required to inform the dispatch team of both the Order Number and Customer Name of the order for pick-up. This is to ensure that the order will be released to the authorized person. Kindly make sure that both details can be provided as these are required for order release.


    More FAQs available here:

    For other questions and clarifications about order pick up, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support Champions by sending us an email at support@tobys.com or calling us at (02)8651-7700 (Monday to Sunday, 9AM-5PM, except holidays). The team will be more than willing to assist you with your concern.