The Ultimate On-The-Go Gym

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The Ultimate On-The-Go Gym

The Core Total Workout System is your own portable gym. It’s a versatile piece of exercise equipment that can give you an upper body workout, lower body workout, and cardio resistance workout whenever you need it.

Customize your workout by simply attaching the cloth-covered resistance bands to the fold-up platform and then take the handles, the collapsible workout bar, or the wrist/ankle straps and perform exercises that you can customize to your level.


Core Total Workout System (Original Price: P 4,299.00, Sale Price: P 3,009.30)


The base is what makes this home gym system stand out from any of the other numerous resistance band sets on the market these days. The base allows you to connect the bands to the floor in different configurations to perform the various exercises.

The Core Total Workout System provides a platform that allows you to connect the bands to the floor, instead of having to step on them. This gives your exercise tons of variety and control over the resistance, which ultimately makes the exercises a lot more comfortable.

The base has fold-up hooks that allow you to attach the bands on each side. By allowing you to play with the bands’ length/s, the Core Total Workout System gives you a little more control with resistance adjustments.


The system provides two 30-inch bands that offer up to 30 lbs. of resistance. The different bands provide different levels of resistance based on how thick they are and how easily they are stretched. This allows you to customize the workout and help you match the level of resistance to your fitness level.

These bands have clips at both ends that allow you to connect them to the base, the handles, and all of the attachments the system comes with. The bands are also covered in a cloth material that helps protect the band from wear-and-tear from consistent use.

A Variety of Exercises

The system allows you to perform around 300+ workouts, including the essential basics such as squats, bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder/chest fly, and lat pulldowns.

You can also choose between using the bar or individual handles for your workouts. This choice gives you the same effect of choosing between dumbbells and a barbell.

Overall, the CORE Total Workout System is definitely a must-have for people who want to get as many workouts in with a single piece of exercise equipment. Its ergonomic design means finding a place to store it will be no problem at all.

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