Toby's Gift Guide: Gifts under 500

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Toby's Gift Guide: Gifts under 500


The Christmas rush in the air, and everyone can feel it! It’s a rush that can give you all kinds of feelings and emotions; whether it’s an added pep in your step or a little extra joy in your days.

However, it’s also the kind of rush that can definitely overwhelm you, especially when you’re looking for gifts to give the special people in your life.

So if you’re one of the people who don’t know where to start, lost yourself in the rush, or you’re just looking for some extra gift ideas, Toby’s has prepared a series of guides to help you out.

For the first list we’ve got for you, we’re highlighting gifts you can get for P 500 or less!

AQ Adjustable Elbow Support

The AQ Adjustable Elbow Support helps prevent/minimize muscle strain and elbow pain by supporting the muscles in your elbow area.

It’s built with high density breathable material, antibacterial material with an adjustable Velcro straps for better support and protection. This means that the Elbow Support stays fresh and clean while a heavily customizable fit that can adjust to all types of people.

PVC Coated Kettle Bell

Designed to strengthen and tone your muscles through a variety of resistance training exercises, including swings, squats, deadlifts, and more. Kettlebells are great for full-body workouts or to isolate specific muscle groups.

Improves strength, coordination, and endurance and is great for agility training, cardio, endurance, squats, and lunges

CORE Crossfit Speed Rope

The Core Crossfit Speed Rope is an ideal piece of workout gear for anyone who wants to get fit! it has lightweight slim handles. You can build your cardio endurance, speed training, and core strength just by skipping rope for at least 20 minutes a day!

The Speed Rope’s got a standard length of 9 ft, easily customizable to fit the right length for the height of its user. It also comes with slim, easy-to-grip handles and is designed to be easily portable so you can use it wherever.

For a price of P 455, it’s definitely an inexpensive gift option for anyone who’s into fitness!

CORE Adjustable Handgrip

The Core Adjustable Hand Grip is a good way to build up arm strength and muscle. It can help improve hand endurance and dexterity that will surely help you be a better athlete. Get stronger wrists by training your grip strength.

That’s it for the list! If you’re interested in buying the items featured and/or checking out our selection of giftable items, you can do so with the methods below:

📱 Chat & Collect – Message your nearest Toby’s Sports store via VIBER for order pick-up. Learn more here:

🛒 Online purchase – Shop via TOBYS.COM. (Now ships to the Greater Manila Area)

🚶🏻‍♂️ Store visit - Drop by our open Toby’s Sports branches.

And make sure you follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages, as well us in our VIBER Community to stay up to date with all the latest on anything and everything Toby’s Sports.

Stay Strong, Indoors.




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