5 Basketball Essentials: The Gear Guide

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5 Basketball Essentials: The Gear Guide

By BuhayBasket

 So you’ve watched the recent NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. You’ve studied Steph Curry’s dazzling array of moves and Kyrie Irving’s wizardry with the ball. You’ve witnessed the silky smooth finesse of Kevin Durant and the brute power of LeBron James. Now it’s time to bring your own game to the court. Whether you’re playing for the championship or at a weekend pick-up game, here are five essentials you will need to get the winning vibe.


Start with strengthening your core. Explosive drives to the basket do not only rely on sheer will; a strong finish requires hip and thigh strength. Strap in with the adidas Lateral Speed Resistor, which features two quick fit ankle straps joined together by an ultra-resistance tube with a nylon outer sleeve, to improve your lateral speed and develop lower body muscle.






If you want to ball like a pro, you need a ball for a pro. The Molten GF7X, made with premium composite leather, has the official weight and size approved by FIBA. It features a parallel pebble technology that enhances grip and feel—handy for those times when you need to whip out a slick behind-the-back dribble to lose the defender.



The arm sleeve, popularized by NBA legend Allen Iverson in 2001, is more a medical necessity than a fashion accessory. The McDavid Black 6500 Armsleeve features Hex Technology padding positioned at the elbow to absorb contact and protect from bruising and scratching.





Ball the whole year with a pair of adidas Ball 365, a shoe that features Bounce cushion to add spring to your jump and climawarm to keep your feet warm and dry. The shoe is also equipped with Continental Rubber outsole for extraordinary grip in wet and dry conditions—a big help to try out fancy footwork on the court.






Pay tribute to one of the NBA’s greatest players by shooting fadeaways with the Nike Mamba Instinct, a show that features a light Flyweave upper with TPU threads for durable support and Lunarlon midsole for responsive cushioning. This shoe is Kobe-approved, so make sure to bring the Mamba Mentality when balling with these.







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