Fitness Essentials for Your Home

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Fitness Essentials for Your Home

Having a good home gym set-up has always been significant to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And with the events that have transpired over the past year, that fact has never more relevant than it is now.

It’s also easy to think that having a great home gym set-up requires spending a lot of money for the best and most expensive equipment. You don’t really need to spend a huge chunk of your savings to invest in a workout equipment.

Here are some amazing, inexpensive pieces of fitness equipment and accessories that you would want for your home gym.

Jump Rope

The jump rope is an amazing tool you can use to efficiently burn calories with every use. By regularly jumping/skipping rope, you can improve your coordination, agility, footwork, quickness, and endurance greatly.

CORE Transparent Jump Rope – P 175.00

Resistance Band

Resistance bands are flat rubber bands that come in different widths. The thicker the width of the band, the more resistance it provides and the harder it is to stretch. They can be looped round gym equipment such as a rack or a stand, or simply used on their own.

Resistance bands are lightweight and can be used as alternatives for the traditional exercise machines to help you build your strength and improve your target muscle’s mobility.

CORE Resistance Bands Set - P 595.00

Pull-Up Bars

Pull ups serve as the foundation of upper body strength. It’s an exercise that can provide several benefits such as as improving grip strength, functional body strength, and even improve your posture.

CORE Door Gym – P 1,995.00

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