Lamar Odom Talks Philippine Hoops with Toby’s Sports

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Lamar Odom Talks Philippine Hoops with Toby’s Sports

It’s not every day that you get a chance to talk to an NBA great, what more take part in his basketball comeback journey. Luckily for us, Toby’s Sports got the opportunity to play a role in two-time NBA Champion Lamar Odom’s Trip in the Philippines as he gear up for the next chapter of his basketball story – representing the country as part of the Mighty Sports team.

Last January 29, Lamar was given a proper send-off through an exclusive Fan and Media dinner at Luna Members Café.  It was an evening full of fun and excitement as 30 lucky fans, as well as members of the media, got to sit down, dine and talk to The Candy Man.

When the crowd had cleared, we had a chance to speak with the Laker great on his experience in the Philippines.


Lamar Odom at the Toby's Sports Flagship Store in BGC


Toby’s Sports (TS): Hey Lamar, How has your stay in the Philippines been so far?

Lamar Odom (LO): It’s been love. It’s been love everywhere I go. Its people are great and I can’t wait to come back.

TS: What part of the culture stood out to you?

LO: Just how gracious everyone is. Everyone’s so happy no matter what they have, whether it’s a lot or a little. Everyone just seems so pleasant, happy, and has a love of life.

TS: What can you say about the country’s love for the game of basketball?

LO: I didn’t know that their love was this deep for basketball. I don’t think it’s something you can explain unless you experience it. And I’m glad God put me on this path to experience the love that Filipinos have for basketball.

TS: Does it surprise you that fans from the Philippines come up to you and share your favorite plays from way back?

LO: Yeah. They know so much. I’m pretty familiar with the Lakers being popular all over the world, but like I said, unless you experience it, it’s hard to imagine.

Lamar with the kids of Valenzuela (Photo taken from LO’s Instgram @lamarodom)


TS: We got to attend your clinic for the children in Valenzuela last Sunday. On that same note, Toby’s Sports also has a foundation called the Toby’s Sports Youth Foundation and one of its main goals is to give kids the opportunity to play the sports that they love. With that being said, what’s your best piece of advice for the kids who want to use sports as a platform to reach success?

LO: To work hard. If you work hard and put God first, who knows what you can achieve.

TS: Thanks for the time Lamar.

LO: No problem.


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