The ChangeMakers Wrap-Up!

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The ChangeMakers Wrap-Up!

As International Woman’s Month is drawing to a close, we’ve compiled all the amazing stories and testimonials from the wonderful, strong women who are members of FlexFit SEA that have been shared on Toby’s Sports’ social media pages.

I created FlexFitSEA with a mission to bring women together. After all, every woman deserves a space where they can come home to their bodies without demanding any aesthetic result, while also growing by sharing experiences, vulnerability, and encouragement. Loving our body isn’t as simple as waking up one morning and flipping a switch in our mind.

It is a JOURNEY with a lot of layers, a PRACTICE that is hard earned. When women are connected though with the same beliefs, values and passions, a sisterhood is created. It gives rise to what can be a very powerful and transformative movement, one that revolves around compassion, support and optimism. It fills any woman’s hands and heart with the tools to not only look in the mirror and feel love, but to find the confidence to express herself like the divine Queen that she is meant to be!

So, to every woman out there, never forget… You are powerful. Beautiful. Divine. And a Badass Boss B.!

-Lexi Noval (@flexinoval)

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught me, it’s the importance of paying attention to our health. Beyond just the fitness benefits, staying active complemented with the right nutrition, can spark positive results for our mental well-being.

As a nutrition coach, curiosity and fascination towards what and how the things we consume affects our body intrigues me. It goes beyond just having a balanced diet or what we should and shouldn’t eat to achieve a toned body.

It’s more so to achieve an overall healthier lifestyle that enables all of us to fully thrive as women: physically, mentally, and even socially. Discovering that perfect or sustainable lifestyle and diet is never easy, but I encourage every woman to take responsibility for their own health and be surprised with how much they can achieve with proper nutrition. In the end, we are all unique in our own way as women so let’s step out from our comfort zone and not let limited perceptions define us. Keep shining!

-Gee Gadacho (@ggeerose)

Movement is known to generate good feelings and that alone should make it a top priority for everyone. Working out, no matter in which shape or form, is one perfect example. It not only helps kickstart and fuel our desire to live a healthy lifestyle, but further promotes the several positive benefits that come alongside it.

Women’s Month is also a perfect time to remind girls everywhere that a strong, fit, and healthy woman inside and out is without a doubt, an empowered woman.  Feeling great physically leads to better mental health, which tends to have a natural domino effect towards our personal lives and of those people around us.

So, take small steps today towards a better and more empowered version of you through movement and fitness. The good news in all this for us? All it takes is one small step to enter through that big door of change.

-Precious Que (@preciousbque)

Women’s Month is more than just celebrating the achievements of women today. It is also a time to look back and thank all the inspiring women before us, who set an example by fighting for our rights through their actions and voice.

Without their courage and strength in paving the path, we wouldn't be here. We may still have a long way to go, but now is truly the best time to be a woman – to speak the mind, to dream big, to follow a passion, to see the world, to build an empire, to lead a country, to have a choice.

-Sofia Costales (@sufeyyya)

Empowering women empowers the whole society. We’ve already come a long way but there’s still some steps that needs to be taken to equalize the gender disparity. I envision a society where being a woman isn’t a limitation. One where I can walk and move freely on my own, to exist in public spaces without worrying about my safety.

One where my skills are appreciated because I have them and not despite of my womanhood. I want to silence the narrative of “kababae mong tao” that limits what a woman can be. I want a world where “babae ka kasi” turns into “babae ako at kaya ko”.

My journey as an OCR athlete from being a complete beginner to now as part of the Philippine National Team has been a sprint. As a fitness enthusiast, the concept of the sport heavily intrigued me.

It was more than just a way to improve my overall fitness level, but the unique locations, challenging obstacles & electric atmospheres during Race Day gave me a sense of inspiration to my body goals as a woman. Seeing my peers succeed with podium finishes also added fuel to the fire.

I desired to accomplish such feats and visualized myself one day getting one, chasing more than just a medal but to show that women can truly achieve what they put their hearts and minds into. Any woman has what it takes to break gender and body stereotypes so dream big because there is no limit to what women together can accomplish.

-Marites Nocyao (@spartan_tess)

I believe change can influence in 3 aspects: how we look back at the past, our way of life at present & the direction we take heading into the future. This has never been more true than now, given the challenging times we all find ourselves in where change constantly takes place.

I experienced this first-hand as someone who works in the medical field. Looking back in this pandemic, our institutions did their best to proactively support the journey of all medical students/professionals while maintaining our safety. Efficient face to face rotations, limited exposure through social distancing & proper PPE gear has allowed us to carry on with our careers. It did however change our present routines – balancing the long hours, physical demands & job safety alongside finding time for ourselves.

With fitness being a big passion of mine, I did see though the importance of staying fit holistically more than ever. It enables me to show up & serve my patients with a sound mind through it all. It’s also a way to showcase what me & my FlexSisters advocate for in terms of both physical & mental health. And even if at times it’s hard to juggle everything, support, understanding & love from the FlexFit community only reflects back to me.

Change does not have to be bad. In term of fitness, the pandemic presented a great opportunity to give rise to the virtual space of health & fitness at home. For FlexFit, this only allows us to form even more bonds with different women in a safe space online, tackling important matters from women & body centered issues to beyond.

All this recent change has allowed me to grow not just as a person but as a Woman. Launching outside the comfort zone, navigating through uncertainty & rippling through the changes in life can be filled with blessings in disguise if you let it. With dreams such as becoming an orthopedic surgeon or a rehab medicine doctor, fitness is definitely something that has trained me to be ready in facing all aspects of change. And I am definitely more than ecstatic to share what I gain from each change I make, to every woman.

-Aleksa Castillo (@aleksacastillo)

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