A Workout Routine to Kickstart Your New Year

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A Workout Routine to Kickstart Your New Year


There’s something about the New Year that inspires people to push for fitness goals. It’s usually brought about by the allure of a fresh start that comes with a new calendar year (not to mention all the eating that normally happens the Holiday Season prior).

On its own, it’s definitely a great idea. Setting self-improvement goals for yourself is always a good thing. Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t really able to get started on working on this goal because they often don’t know where and/or how to start.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a workout routine that you can use to make your first step towards reaching your fitness goals for 2021.

The Workout

Jump Rope Regular Bounce – 180 seconds

Rest – 60 Seconds

Flat Push-Ups – 20 Reps

Rest – 30 Seconds

Incline Push-Ups – 20 Reps

Rest – 30 Seconds

Kettlebell Swings

Rest – 30 Seconds

Kettlebell Thrusters

Rest – 30 Seconds

Crunches – 30 Reps

Bicycle Crunches – 30 Reps

Plank – 60 seconds

The Breakdown



Because of its light weight, the Speed Rope is the jump rope that beginners are recommended to start with as it allows you to perform basic jump rope exercises that will help develop your speed, agility, endurance, and especially coordination; all of which are important for people who are new to jump rope workouts.

Speed ropes are also better at developing overall fitness and conditioning to complement a wide range of workout and training programs. Definitely a great form of a warm-up, especially now that it isn’t safe to run around.



Arguably one of the most fundamental exercises known to man, you can never underestimate the power of the push-up. It has been a staple workout since time immemorial because, well, push-ups are just THAT effective, especially when it comes to building your overall arm strength.

They can be performed anywhere and the workout itself is extremely flexible. Just by tweaking the way you do push-ups, you can get an incredibly balanced workout.



Your core is a complex set of muscles that extend well beyond your abs. These groups of muscles found on your pelvis, diaphragm, back, and hips, provide strength and stability to both your upper and lower body.

By regularly incorporating crunches in your workout, you can develop your sense of balance, boost your metabolism, and improve your core strength. Of course, we highly suggest you use a sturdy Exercise Mat or Yoga Mat for floor exercises the crunches.


 CORE Yoga Mat – P 799.00    


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The kettlebell is an extremely versatile piece of training equipment that you can easily have at home. Kettlebells offer unique training benefits because of its uneven weight distribution.

It challenges you to control the weight as you swing it, pull it, and press with it. Kettlebells also add extra challenges when it comes to grip and core stability.

With all of its benefits, it’s definitely a good idea to have your home equipped with a nice set of kettlebells, especially now that we’re forced to spend more time at home. Another great option is to invest on a set of adjustable kettlebells, like the CORE Adjustable Kettlebell, if you have limited space at home.

CORE Adjustable Kettlebell (20 kg) – P 3,699.00 


This is a great workout that can be done three (3) times a week for beginners. Ideally, you do this on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with days off on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the weekend. This routine above is relatively basic full body workout that allows you to build on your conditioning before you move on to more intense sets and exercises.

That’s pretty much it. Follow our simple beginner’s workout routine to Bounce Back from 2020, and kickstart a fit and healthy 2021! Start the New Year right with Toby’s Sports and grab the equipment featured above via the following methods:

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Stay Strong, Indoors.


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