Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Fit Dad


Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Fit Dad

Gone are the days when you get your dad a tie and/or a pair of lounge slippers. These days, many dads see the importance of staying in shape; whether it’s running, lifting weights, biking, or any type of sport.

Dads are maintaining active lifestyles more than ever these days. So why not encourage this by giving the fathers in your life a fitness-focused gift?

From workout apparel and recovery tools to exercise equipment, there’s a variety of options available to you that’ll surely please your fit dad.

If you’re in need of some gift ideas for your dad this Father’s Day weekend, then check out our list amazing fitness items you can give your husband, your dad, and your granddad/s.


Nike PG 4 EP (Original Price: P 5,795; SALE Price: P 3,477)

You can never go wrong with getting your fit old man a new pair of sneakers. Nowadays, athletic sneakers are more than just a fashion statement. Often packed with modern sports tech, these shoes provide a lot of impact protection and comfort. It’s definitely a must-have for any fit father!


Does your dad like wearing caps? If the answer is yes, then why not give him a cap he can use whenever he needs to keep the sun out of his eyes? And since dad caps have made become fashionable again, it’ll definitely help him look AND feel good while he’s doing his workouts.

Nike Sportswear Heritage86 Futura Cap (Original Price: P 895; SALE Price: P 537)

Sweat-wicking Gear

Sweaty clothes after an exhausting workout never feels good, and they most certainly don’t smell good either. With sweat-wicking clothes, sweat is absorbed and then dispersed onto the fabric. This allows the sweat to it to evaporate into the air a lot quicker compared to a cotton shirt.

adidas Must Haves Basic Polo Shirt (Original Price: P 3,100; SALE Price: P 1,550)

The more the moisture disperses, the quicker it will evaporate and keep your dad cool and comfortable before, during, and after his workouts.

Fitness Equipment

If you’ve got some extra cash and feel like splurging a bit for your Father’s Day gift to your fit dad, then you should definitely get him a piece of exercise equipment. Whether it’s a treadmill and an elliptical or a set of weights; your fit dad will definitely love it.

CORE Mini Elliptical (Original Price: P 11,995; SALE Price: P 6,000)

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