The Ultimate Guide Using the Speed Rope


The Ultimate Guide Using the Speed Rope

The Benefits of Jumping Rope

Regularly incorporating jump rope exercises in your workouts can give you a ton of benefits. Improved coordination, agility, footwork, quickness, and better endurance are some of the general benefits that jumping rope can give you.

However, it is also important to note that using different types of jump ropes can bring out unique benefits to what your workout.

There are two prominent types of jump ropes: The Weighted Rope and the focus of this article, the Speed Rope.

What is a Speed Rope?

A speed rope focuses on, well, speed and quickness. It’s the type of jump rope that’s better suited for developing coordination and conditioning by allowing you to easily increase the speed of the rope.

The handles on a speed rope are shorter to make sure that the tip of the rope is as close as possible to the center of the body. Having the rope closer to the body makes it easier to rotate the rope.

Jumping Rope for Beginners

Because of its lighter weight, the Speed Rope is often the kind of jump rope that beginners are recommended to start with before progressing to a weighted jump rope.

The durable plastic jump rope allows you to perform basic jump rope exercises that will help develop the foundations of speed, agility and endurance, especially for people who are new to jump rope workouts.

Speed ropes are also better at developing overall fitness and conditioning to complement a wide range of workout and training programs.

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Boost Your Speed

A speed rope may be ideal for beginners but it doesn’t mean it’s exclusively for people at that level. Speed ropes are also often used by elite athletes to develop footwork, coordination and conditioning. Elite athletes from fight sports like boxers and mixed martial artists often use a speed rope during their general strength and conditioning workouts.

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Speed Rope Workout

  • Jump Rope Regular Bounce – 30 seconds
  • Rest – 10 Seconds
  • Jump Rope Jog in Place – 30 Seconds
  • Rest – 10 Seconds
  • Jump Rope Side Hops – 30 Secs
  • Rest – 10 Seconds
  • Jump Rope High Knees
  • 30 Secs Rest
  • Repeat Circuit

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