Ovicx SmartRun: The Compact Treadmill


Ovicx SmartRun: The Compact Treadmill

Experience easy and accessible fitness with the Ovicx SmartRun; a new treadmill that’s portable, compact, and has a lightweight design.

The motorized treadmill features the patented Silkworm shock absorption that reduces the impact on your joints, while providing a quiet exercise experience. It also features photodiode sensors that provide fast and accurate heart rate readings to keep you in your target zone.

The Ovicx SmartRun features a minimalist and aesthetically appealing design. It can fold flat and you can store it under beds, sofas, and inside closets. With its ultra-compact design, it’s the perfect machine for anyone who wants a space-saving piece of equipment.

Ovicx SmartRun (Original Price: P 29,995; SALE Price: P 24,000)

If you’re interested in purchasing an Ovicx SmartRun for your home, here are three ways you can purchase one at Toby’s Sports:

📱 Chat & Collect – Message your nearest Toby’s Sports store via VIBER for order pick-up. Learn more here:  www.tobys.com/pages/chatandcollect

🛒 Online purchase – Shop via TOBYS.COM for pickup in our fulfillment hub in Pasig City.

🚶🏻‍♂️Store visit - Drop by our open Toby’s Sports branches. Full list here.

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