Simple Workouts to Help You Stay Strong Indoors

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Simple Workouts to Help You Stay Strong Indoors


Yes, I know that most of us don’t have a lot of options in terms of gyms and sports facilities that we can go to. And although more and more people are getting vaccinated, being cautious and staying indoors is still the best choice.

Luckily, there are some great exercises that you can do that’ll help you lose fat, gain muscle, and get fit at home.

The first Yoga is perfect for beginners as it focuses on the proper execution of poses to develop a person’s sense of balance, and coordination. It also re-invigorates and heals the body by stretching and toning the different muscles and joints. It also helps you in directing your blood and oxygen to the internal organs, which also includes the different glands and nerves.

All you’ll need for a good yoga workout is a yoga mat and some stretchy, breathable clothes.

CORE Yoga Mat (P 799.00)

Another great set of exercises we can incorporate is strength training to your home workouts. Muscle mass naturally decreases with age, but strength training can definitely keep you stronger for longer. Strength training also increases bone density and reduces the risk of fractures while also improving joint flexibility.

If you want to get a good strength workout at home without investing too much right away, a good set of dumbbells, an exercise bench, and/or some kettlebells will definitely do the trick.


CORE Selectorized Dumbbell (45 lbs – P 15,995; 90 lbs – P 25,995)


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The last kind of exercise is something I’m sure you’ve all heard before but have willingly overlooked. And it’s none other than cardio. Besides cardio’s obvious health benefits like strengthening your heart and lungs, putting in a good amount of cardio work will help you in your quest to lose fat and gain muscle. Not only does cardio help you sweat all the excess fat in your body off; it also makes it easier for your muscles to show.

If you want to focus on your cardio, a treadmill is definitely a great piece of equipment to add to your regimen. But if you’re on a tight budget, a jump rope will be a great alternative.

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Stay Strong, Indoors.


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