Keep Your Footwear Protected From the Rain

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Keep Your Footwear Protected From the Rain


The wet season is here once again which means there’ll be a ton of rain, puddles, and mud to go around. This season’s a nightmare for your shoes and it can really take a toll on them if you don’t make an effort to keep them clean.

And if you’re one of those sneakerheads who are worrying about keeping them fresh, clean, and durable through your workouts, especially if you started to take them outside. Here are a couple of items you can use to keep your shoes ready for the rain.


Mud, grime, and potential water damage are a constant threat to your footwear during the rainy season. It doesn’t matter if you rarely use your shoes; all that dirt and grime can definitely accumulate over time. And if you don’t clean your shoes regularly, the stains can definitely be permanent.

Thankfully, the sneakerhead culture has cultivated a level of awareness for these concerns and sneaker cleaning solutions are now readily available.

The Clyde Shoe Cleaning Kit and the CREP Protect are great shoe cleaners that are readily available nationwide.

Just clean your shoes every after every use and let these cleaning solutions do their magic.

                Clyde Cleaning Kit – P 800.00  


CREP Protect Cleaning Kit – P 1,045.00


If you’re one of the sneakerheads who can’t afford to expose your shoes to regular water/soap cleaning after every use because of a smaller rotation, you can also use shoe wipes.

Sneaker wipes are a lot like regular baby wipes, except their soaked in a sneaker cleaning solution. They’re a quick and convenient way to clean your sneakers on-the-go. And depending on how careful you are about where you walk, a pack of sneaker wipes can last for quite a bit of time before you run out of them.

KICKS Shoe Cleaning Wipes – P 290


If you’re willing to splurge on some sneaker cleaning products, getting a shoe cleaning kit from either or Clyde is a definite no-brainer.

BUT if you want to go the extra mile to keep the rain off of your sneakers, you have to use a waterproof spray.

A waterproof spray is a formula is designed to protect athletic and performance materials from water and dirt damage so they last longer and you can perform better in them. The formula often uses fluoropolymer waterproofing technology to keep your feet and sneakers fresh and dry.

Crep Protect (P 995.00)

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