Summer of Sports: Cycling Tips for Beginners

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Summer of Sports: Cycling Tips for Beginners

As the world embraces the new normal, many people incorporating new hobbies into their lives while summer is in full swing; one of these said interests is the exploration of the outdoors through cycling.

Summer is the peak season of year to enjoy the great outdoors in the Philippines. And if you’re one of the people who are looking to take part in outdoor cycling, here are some important tips that you would want to take note of.

The Right Amount of Tire Pressure is Essential

It’s arguably one of the simplest part of bike maintenance. Having your tires pumped to the right pressure is a must. You’ll notice the tire manufacturers have a recommended range rather than one recommended PSI. This allows cyclists to adjust the tire pressures according to the conditions of the area you’ll be biking.

A general rule of thumb that you can follow is if you’re going somewhere that might be damp and slippery, don’t pump your tires up too with a PSI that’s too high. If it’s dry and you want to ride as efficiently as possible, use a higher PSI.

Proper Riding Posture

A very simple rule of thumb is when you’re in your typical riding posture, you’d want the handlebar to obscure your view of the front wheel hub. Cycling isn’t supposed to be painful, so if you find that you’re starting to develop aches and pains, make your way to your local bike shop to see if they can help adjust your position.

Dress for the Conditions

‘There’s no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes,’ so the old cycling adage goes and, most of the time, that’s quite true. Weather can change quickly so discover the art of layering your clothes so you can take cool down or warm up quickly. What to cycle in when it is cold or in the heat of summer can be a bit trickier.

Embrace Exploration

One of the great things about cycling, especially if you’re using a bike with the ability to traverse different kinds of terrain, is that you can go almost anywhere you want to with it. If you see a lane and you’re not sure where it leads, ride down it and find out.

Just don’t forget to prepare by using your phone’s GPS and/or bringing a map in case you lose reception.

Find Ride Buddies

Cycling on your own is great – it can let you clear you head, enjoy some solitude, and allow you to take in the beauty you find on your rides without distractions.

However, riding with others can provide some great fun too! Having some cycling buddies will help you in all aspects of your cycling develop much more efficiently and effectively. Your local cycling group may have rides for beginners or join one of our Community Cycling Clubs.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Bike maintenance can be surprisingly simple. Of course, like any vehicle, bike cleaning/maintenance requires a bit of time and some elbow grease.

Most bikes are really very simple bits of technology, so getting to grips with how they work is not as tricky as it might first appear.

Of course, you can always go to your local bike shop if there are any issues with your bike that you’re not confident about fixing yourself arise. The Bike Repair area on the 2nd Floor of the Toby’s Sports Flagship store in BGC is one the shops you can go to for all your bike maintenance needs.

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