A New King has been Crowned: Emmanuel Vicente

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A New King has been Crowned: Emmanuel Vicente

Emmanuel “Aim Man” Vicente is a 25-year-old sharpshooter from Quezon City and the recent winner of Toby’s x Adidas Shootout King 2023. His basketball story began as a kid when he saw his dad watching the NBA. His dad’s love for the sport was passed on to Emman as they watched the games played by the Los Angeles Lakers and how the team exemplified greatness in the sport. Eventually, his dad bought a basketball for them to play with, and Emman fell in love with the game in an instant. He is also one of the many fans of Kobe Bryant and his infamous Mamba Mentality, which served as motivation for Emman to never give up no matter the circumstance.

One of his dreams was to become known as a great athlete and varsity player at a big-name school. However, he would be unable to pursue those dreams due to a torn ACL injury at the young age of 16 years old. He lost even more hope of achieving his dreams when his first ACL reconstruction surgery failed. Nevertheless, his love for the sport remained despite his current circumstances. He kept on playing despite his injury, choosing to focus instead on his isolated 3-point shots rather than go head-to-head with more physical players. He also joined more 3-point shootouts and shooting events to further hone his talents. Because of his injury, his dreams shifted from being a well-known basketball player to starting a vlog and giving a platform to different shooters in the Philippines. At the end of the day, he just wants to be given a chance and an opportunity to give recognition to all the professional shooters in the country.

“You’re the only one who can stop you,” Emman said. A belief he espouses in every shootout event he joins. He said that the cheat code when it comes to shooting a basket is simply confidence. Despite being the Toby’s x Adidas Shootout King 2023, Emman remains humble. He believes that we must be grateful for our wins, and there’s also a lesson to be learned in every loss. He wants to be a blessing to the next generation and an inspiration to aspiring shooters.

You can check out Emman’s latest basketball exploits on his Facebook Page, Aim Man Vlogs, and his YouTube Channel of the same name.


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