Top 5 Perfect Gifts for Your Perfect Pair

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Top 5 Perfect Gifts for Your Perfect Pair

Valentine’s day is nearly here. It’s a special day that transcends borders and cultures and is celebrated around the world for the mere purpose of expressing the love we have for other people. And while material gifts can only go so far, it’s still a great way to tell people that not only are we thinking about them during this special time but also, we know them enough to get something they would appreciate.

So, if you’re looking for gifts to show your partner some love and appreciation, don’t worry because we have you covered. Here is Toby’s Sports’ Top 5 Perfect Gifts for your Perfect Pair.

1. Shoes

The perfect gift for any occasion, shoes are always a great choice when it comes to giving your significant other a gift. It’s also a great way to subtly have matching outfits with your partner without being overtly cheesy. While it’s always cute to go matchy with your partner with lifestyle shoes for everyday casual wear, we recommend getting a pair of running shoes so you can support each other on your way to a more active and healthier lifestyle. We suggest copping a pair of Adidas Adizero SL Running Shoes (for Men and Women) for your daily training shoe that is high-performing yet lightweight. Or, for the more serious runners, we would recommend Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 (for Men and Women) with its great colorways and reliability.

2. Apparel

You can also get your partner some apparel from their favorite sports brands. You can choose to gift them something casual that can be used as part of an everyday fit but can also be used as a sportswear like the Nike Men’s HBR T-Shirt, Nike Men's Sportswear Mesh Shorts, adidas Women's 3-Stripes Crop Tee, and Nike Women's Sportswear Club Fleece Mid-Rise Shorts. We’re sure that they’ll also love if you both have a matching baseball cap (black and white) to complete the look.

3. Exercise Equipments

The couple that exercise together, stays together. Show your love for your partner by taking care of your health and fitness. You only live once, but the healthier and more active we are, the more time we have to spend with our loved. For exercise equipment we highly suggest having a spin bike and/or a treadmill since they are both exercise staples. For spin bikes, we recommend the OVICX Q200 Spin Bike for its affordability and functionalities. And, for treadmill we recommend the OVICX A2S Foldable Treadmill for its compact design and great quality for its price point.

4. Nike and Adidas Slides

An affordable yet great choice for a gift is Nike and Adidas Slides. Perfect for casual wear, pre- and post-game wear, or even just lounging around, Slides are a great way to match with your partner in your everyday fits. We recommend the Nike Victori One Printed Slides (for Men and Women) or an adidas Adilette slides (for Men and Women)

5. Toby’s Reloadable Gift Card

How about giving your partner the gift of choice this Valentine’s day by getting them a Toby’s Reloadable Gift Card. If you’re unsure of what to get your partner but you’re sure that they’ll love shopping at any of our stores, then give them the power of choice. Available in any of our stores.


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