Adidas D.O.N. Issue 3 Performance Review

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Adidas D.O.N. Issue 3 Performance Review

The DON Issue 3 is Donovan Mitchell’s latest signature sneaker with adidas. After an incredible season with the Jazz finishing as the top team in the Western conference with the Issue 2, we’re hoping the Issue 3 performs just as well, if not, better.

There are some elements that carry over from the Issue 1 and Issue 2, but also some that are unique to the Issue 3.


The traction on the DON Issue 3 uses different types of rubber for the outsole depending on the colorway. The colorway we reviewed used a translucent outsole with solid rubber pods on the ball of the foot and the heel.

Overall, the traction gets the job done. It does well on clean courts but it can also require a lot of wiping for it to have decent grip on dusty floors.

If you plan to use these shoes outdoors, I’d recommend going with a colorway that has a solid rubber outsole to make sure the shoe is more durable.


One of the elements that were changed with the DON Issue 3 is the cushioning. Adidas replaced the Bounce cushioning that was previously found in the 1s and 2s with their lighter, more responsive Lightstrike cushioning for the midsole.

Fit and Lockdown

In terms of lockdown, the DON Issue 3 utilizes a lace closure system with an elastic midfoot strap to make sure you get a snug fit and that your foot stays connected to the foot bed of the shoe at all times.

The shoe sizing definitely feels unique so trying out the shoe for yourself is recommended. But for what it’s worth, I went half a size down, and it fit snug but was still a little long. If you have a narrow foot, you can definitely get away with going a full size down.

Materials and Support

The upper of the shoe features textile and synthetic materials with TPU toe piece to minimize wear-and-tear from toe drags.

The shoe also has a TPU shank plate in the midfoot to help reduce the load of every step you take to reduce the risk of injury. This TPU shank also forms an outrigger on the lateral side of the shoe to minimize sliding during side-to-side movements.


The DON Issue 3 may not wow you in terms of performance in any specific aspect but it’s solid across the board. The traction, despite being hit-or-miss, gets the job done; the cushioning is does a good job despite the switch from Bounce to Lightstrike; and the materials are durable but break in nicely.

With a price of P 5,800, the DON Issue 3 are definitely solid additions to Mitchell’s signature line.

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