Nike Kyrie 7 Performance Review

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Nike Kyrie 7 Performance Review


We’ve finally gotten the chance at reviewing the Kyrie 7; the latest addition to the Kyrie signature line. Will it be able to live up to the expectations set by an amazing on-court performer in the Kyrie 6? Let’s find out.


The Kyrie 7 incorporates a scientifically designed traction pattern that provides multi-directional, 360-degree coverage. This means that Nike used tech that allowed them to map Kyrie’s feet and identify the areas that need the most traction when he plays basketball.

As expected from a Kyrie signature shoe, the traction in the Kyrie 7 is incredible. For shifty players like Kyrie, using sneakers with outsoles that bite the court hard is a must; and this shoe does that nicely.

Basically, if you’ve played in a Kyrie 5 or 6 before, you’re getting much of the same kind of traction.

As for whether or not you can use them outdoors; that’s entirely up to you. Since an XDR option is available for the Kyrie 7, playing outdoors is definitely a viable option.


Nothing much to see here, to be quite honest with you. I guess Nike went with the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of approach as far as the cushion is concerned.

It still features Zoom Turbo in the forefoot just like the Kyrie 5 and Kyrie 6. I personally love the way they feel on feet because it gives me a familiar feel that the Kyrie 7’s predecessors had when I wore them.

The Zoom Turbo unit is once again encased in an injected phylon midsole. It’s more forgiving than regular phylon which means it’s got better rebound without sacrificing court feel.

Fit and Lockdown

The Kyrie 7 fits true-to-size, and I mean it’s so true-to-size is that you can get away with going up half a size up. Like previous iterations of the Kyrie signature line, the Kyrie 7 is a snug fit.

Flaps that wrap around the footbed in the forefoot area have also been added for additional lockdown in that area.


In my opinion, the Nike Kyrie 7 took a step back in terms of materials compared to the Kyrie 6.

Gone are the leather and the nubuck that built the Kyrie 6. Instead, the Kyrie 7 came back to the synthetic mesh materials that built the Kyrie 5.

It’s not necessarily a big deal in terms of performance because the materials still get the job done; but the leather and nubuck made the Kyrie 6 actually feel like a premium signature shoe. It’s too bad they decided to step away from that in the Kyrie 7.

The forefoot area of the Kyrie 7 is built with a softer, more flexible mesh while the back half is built with reinforced materials to keep it sturdy for supporting the ankle and the heel.


Overall, the Nike Kyrie 7 is pretty much what you’d expect from a Kyrie signature shoe. That’s definitely not a bad thing because they’re still beastly performers on the court.

The Kyrie 7’s got excellent traction, a tried and true cushioning system, and a solid materials.

The Nike Kyrie 7 is available at Toby’s Sports for P 6,795.

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