ANTA KT 6 Performance Review

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ANTA KT 6 Performance Review

The Anta KT 6, Klay Thompson’s sixth signature shoe, boasts a radical new design. And after a thorough review process, here are our thoughts on the sneaker.


The ANTA KT6 utilizes different materials. And depending on the colorway, your KT6 may have a translucent outsole, a solid rubber outsole, or a mix of both. In the pair that we got to test, it was a solid rubber outsole (out of preference).

The traction is solid enough. It doesn’t wow you with its overall grip and total coverage but it gets the job done.


The KT6 cushion utilizes two signature cushioning systems from ANTA; Smart S.A.M. and Alti Flash.

The Smart S.A.M. cushioning system between is placed in the heel area of the KT 6 and aims to provide shock absorption and impact protection.

The Alti-Flash cushion, on the other hand, is used as the midsole of the shoe and is concentrated on the forefoot. This cushion aims to give players energy return and responsiveness on the move.

Overall, the KT6’s cushioning system is a solid balance between impact protection and responsiveness. You can feel slight bounciness underfoot but it definitely falls on the firm side of cushions.

The entire cushioning set-up is hard to feel at first and definitely needs some break-in time.


As for the fit, of course, nothing beats fitting the shoe yourself because every person’s feet is different.

But if you’re not really in a position go to a store and fit the shoe yourself, I recommend going up half a size.

I went with the size that I usually go with when I wear Nike sneakers. The ANTA KT6 were a bit long for me and there is a bit of space between my toe and the tip of the shoe. As for its width, it fit me just right. I personally like my shoes feeling snug but if you like having some space on your toes, then the KT6 will fit you just right.


As for the KT6’s materials, it seems like Anta really went all out for this particular sneaker. They used a lot of synthetic materials to build the shoe.

The 3D H.U.G. system is a sturdy plastic material that starts of at the toe box area and wraps around the entire lateral side of the shoe, around the heel, and up to the medial side of your ankle.

The rest of the shoe’s upper is built with knitted mesh material that’s molded with fuse to help the KT6 keep its form.

We’ve also got a soft mesh tongue, some awesome Achilles pillows, and the hard-to-miss plastic tongue.

The KT6 seems like it was built for stability over speed, and you can definitely tell with the way ANTA built this shoe.

Of course, the stiffness of the shoe may not be your cup of tea but we also have to remember that the shoe was built for Klay Thompson coming off of a torn ACL, so it actually makes sense why Anta made this decision.


Overall, the ANTA KT 6 is a basketball shoe that prioritizes safety and stability over speed and comfort. It’s got solid traction, solid cushioning, and incredibly stable build. It’s definitely a great shoe for heavy set players or players who aren’t exactly light on their feet.

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