Nike Kyrie 6 Performance Review


Nike Kyrie 6 Performance Review

If there’s anything that Kyrie’s signature line with Nike has been consistent with, it’s traction. The line has produced some of the best performing traction patterns known in recent memory, and the Nike Kyrie 6 isn’t changing that any time soon.

The traction on the Kyrie 6 is fantastic, hands down. It’s got the kind of bite that grips the floor that I never had to wipe — no matter which court I took them on. The traction pattern also goes in all directions. From heel to toe and even wrapping up and around the sides. It shouldn’t matter what type of footwork you have, the traction on the Kyrie 6 is everywhere, and should remain in contact with the ground no matter what.

The rubber compound featured on the Kyrie 6 is for the SEA release is XDR, so you can expect it to last a bit longer than most basketball shoes. However, the rubber is a little too soft for outdoor use in my opinion, and if outdoor basketball is all you ever play, then they won’t really last that long; I’d give it a year, tops.

The cushion on the Kyrie 6 isn’t much different from the Kyrie 5. It still features Zoom Turbo in the forefoot. I personally love the way they feel on feet because they’ve got the right amount of cushioning for me while staying low to the ground, so court feel and stability aren’t compromised.

What makes the Kyrie 6’s cushion so much better this year, however, is that it’s encased in an injected phylon midsole. It’s more plush than regular phylon which means it’s got better impact protection.

As far as materials are concerned, Nike stepped it up, especially compared to the Kyrie 5. Like the Kyrie 4, the Kyrie 6’s upper is split into two halves, and depending on the colorway you get, the materials may vary.

On the pair that we got to test, the front part of the shoe features textile material with nubuck overlays. This textile still moves well with the foot but without stretching too much. It’s been durable as well which is a plus for those that put a lot of strain on their textile shoes — hopefully you won’t bust any holes in these for a while.

The back half of the shoe features a premium feeling leather. It feels amazing because it securely wraps around your heel and ankle to provide a great fit while also being really comfortable.

As for the fit, I found that the Nike Kyrie 6 fits TTS but I do know a couple of people who have found that they fit relatively small. If you aren’t sure about how they fit, you should definitely try them on in-store and try them on.

The Kyrie 6 fits really snug and I love it. You can definitely feel the how well the lacing system locks your foot down and makes sure you have that one-to-one fit. I didn’t even feel the need to lace them all the way up to the top to get a snug feel.

In terms of support, the Kyrie 6 is equipped with all the standard features that a Kyrie signature would have; it’s got flat soles with rounded edges for stability and added maneuverability, and that low-to-the ground feel gives you more court feel as well.

Overall, the Nike Kyrie 6 are downright beastly on the court. The small tweaks that were applied to the sneaker improves the overall experience of playing in the shoe. It’s got excellent traction (as always), a much improved cushioning system, and great materials for P 6,795; a price that doesn’t necessarily break the bank.

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