Nike Kobe AD NXT FastFit Performance Review


Nike Kobe AD NXT FastFit Performance Review

The Nike Kobe AD NXT FastFit is the latest installment in Kobe Bryant’s signature line with Nike. Since its reveal, the shoes garnered its share of skeptics due to its FastFit lockdown system, a “laceless” lacing system originally debuted on the Jordan XXXIII.

All gimmicks aside, what’s important is the way it performs on the basketball court. Is it a great basketball shoe or does it fall flat in comparison to its predecessors? Let’s find out.


The traction on the Nike Kobe AD NXT FF features a translucent outsole with an aggressive scale pattern. I know a lot of people have had complaints on the consistency of Nike’s translucent rubber but thankfully, these Kobes grip the floor exceptionally well on hardwood floors.

It has an excellent traction that works for any type of play style. If you’re a straight-line drive type of player, the traction’s got you covered in your rim runs. And if you’re a shifty player, it got your side-to-side movements covered.

The outsole seems pretty durable as well since it hasn’t shown any signs of wear and tear. I haven’t played in them on anything other than hardwood, though. I personally think that outdoor courts are out of the question in these Kobes. Other than the fact that it’s not XDR rubber, translucent rubber isn’t as sturdy as its solid rubber counterpart. Sorry outdoor hoopers, maybe stick to the Mamba Focus for now.


The cushioning system of the Nike Kobe AD NXT FF features a full-length React drop-in midsole with a Cushlon on the heel to add stability.

The cushioning set-up is a joy to play in.  It’s plush enough without compromising court feel and responsiveness. It feels as good as some of the older Kobe signatures and that’s definitely a plus.


And now, the fit. The Nike Kobe AD NXT FF fit true-to-size, and its lockdown was surprisingly good. I was skeptical at how well the fit of the shoe was going to be before playing in them. The idea of “laceless” basketball shoes just really seemed like it shouldn’t work, but in the case of the Kobe NXT FFs, I’m glad it did.

I can’t be sure about the FastFit system’s durability, though. For something that works with thin wires, it can be relatively fragile regardless of the materials used. Let’s just hope that the lacing system is durable enough and holds up despite continued usage.


As for its support system, the Kobe AD NXT FF features Nike’s Quadfit tech that works with the FastFit system to help the shoe conform to your foot and provide support in all directions.

Despite its seemingly flimsy build, the Nike Kobe AD NXT FF provides ample support. All the parts of the shoe that shouldn’t be able to provide a stable ride on their own came together to make up a solid support system for the shoe. Sure, it may not the most supportive basketball shoe out there but it definitely gets the job done.


The overall performance of the Nike Kobe AD NXT FF was definitely a pleasant surprise. Despite its relatively unorthodox design, the shoe had excellent traction, a well-balanced cushioning system, a great fit, and an intricately supportive design.

These sneakers go for a hefty P 9,895, but if you have enough to spare for some premium basketball shoes then you should cop a pair!

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