Nike PG4 Performance Review


Nike PG4 Performance Review

The Nike PG line has been a symbol of consistency with its track record. But with the introduction of Air Strobel, a relatively new piece of cushioning tech in Nike’s bag, it’s only natural to be skeptical. Will the Nike PG 4 soar high in the air or will it fall flat on the ground? Let’s find out.


The traction on the Nike PG 4 features a pattern that mixes solid translucent rubbers in its build. Despite the inconsistencies with translucent rubber’s performance in other basketball shoes, the traction of the Nike PG 4 performs really well and it bites the floor hard. Design-wise, the moon crater-like look of the pattern also fits Nike’s consistent incorporation of NASA and space in the PG line’s design.

In terms of durability, you won’t really have to worry about the tread if you play indoors. But if you’re planning to play outdoors on a consistent basis in these shoes, expect to burn through the rubber in no time since the Nike PG 4 doesn’t feature XDR.


Nike incorporates the Air Strobel for the first time in Nike Basketball with the Nike PG4. It’s a lightweight footbed made up of a full-length Nike Air unit that’s sewn onto the upper and it makes the foot is directly atop the cushioning.

I’ve got to hand it to Nike because Air Strobel is the real deal. It’s got a good balance of impact protection, responsiveness, and comfort while only giving up a little court feel. It’s definitely a plush cushioning set-up all types of players will love.


The materials of the Nike PG 4 feature a standard textile and knit build for the upper. The shroud that covers the entire upper is split into two halves and fulfill different purposes. The lateral side features a sturdier fabric to hold your foot in place while making side-to-side movements. The medial side of the shroud, on the other hand, is an open knit material that provides much needed ventilation.


The Nike PG 4 features a one bootie upper with a shroud that zips up in the middle to cover the entire upper of the shoe.

I personally went with my true size, BUT the shoe fits relatively short length-wise. Consider going up half a size if you want more comfort in the toe area.

At first, I was kind of iffy on the fit and honestly considered going a half size up, too. However, when the shoe finally broke in, that feeling went away and I genuinely enjoyed how snug the fit was. There’s no need for me to lace them up as tightly as they could go. The one-bootie upper makes putting the shoe on difficult, but once you’re in, the upper just wraps around your foot nicely.


The Nike PG 4 is an incredibly solid sneaker. While each aspect isn’t necessarily the best, it’s definitely near the top performance-wise. It’s got adherent traction, a great cushioning system, and a solid fit –features a lot of basketball players will definitely love. The zipped up shroud doesn’t look too bad either if we’re talking about how the shoe looks.

At a reasonable price of P 5,795 for a signature shoe, the Nike PG 4 is a shoe that we can definitely recommend.

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