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In this review, we’ll be taking a look at Wilson’s brand new composite leather basketball, the Wilson Grip X.

The Wilson Grip X basketball features a cross pattern pebble for maximum grip and a high performance composite material with unrivaled grip and control.

Wilson markets this basketball as an extremely sticky basketball that allows players to have a better grip on the basketball.

Right off the bat, the Wilson Grip X basketball’s material are soft to the touch. The Cross Grip technology does wonders and you really feel the attention to detail that Wilson put into making sure the ball has an improved grip.

Close up view of the Cross Grip design.

However, it is important to note that because of the Cross Grip technology’s design, dust get in between the grooves easier and might make you wipe the ball often if you play on a dusty court.

The Wilson Grip X basketball is an indoor basketball, however, whether you use it on outdoor courts is entirely up to you.

The weight of the Wilson Grip X basketball is on the lighter side, when compared to the Molten GG7X, the most common basketball in Filipino basketball games.

Whether that’s a positive or a negative is relative to the user, but if you like your basketball to feel fast, then you’ll definitely love how this ball plays.

View of the Wilson Grip X’s inflation area.

As for its air retention, it takes around two weeks before it starts to lose air, which is pretty much a standard timeframe for all basketballs. This means that making sure the Wilson Grip X basketball is game ready won’t be a tedious task.

To sum it all up, the Wilson Grip X basketball is a great ball and the implementation of Cross Grip works wonders on its grip and it definitely gives you a premium playing experience.

If you’re interested getting the Wilson Grip X basketball has a price of PHP 1,945.00, and is available in all Toby’s Sports stores nationwide.


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