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It’s that time of the year again when your go-to fitness brands go on sale for an entire week at Toby’s Sports: FitWeek! If you haven’t been to any of our stores this week, have no worries! We’re bringing you a list of the best deals from the best fitness brands available in Toby’s Sports stores.

In this article, we’ll be highlighting Titans; the brand that provides great deals to people who are looking for the perfect boxing and mixed martial arts gear.

Titans Head Gear

Steer clear of injuries from your sparring sessions in this boxing headgear from Titans. Built with multi-layered rubber mold padding, it’s sure to keep your noggin safe.

Titans Head Gear (P 1,695.75)

Titans Fight Gloves

Hit the mitts and get your sweat on with the Titans Fight Gloves. Hand crafted with multi-layer rubber mold padding for a comfortable experience.

Titans Fight Gloves (P 1,083.75)

Titans Speed Wraps

Alleviate long, tedious hand wrap roll applications with the fastest, most convenient and protective speed wrap gloves available. The Titans Speed Wraps streamlines the process and helps you get to hitting the mitts as soon as possible.

Titans Speed Wraps (P 505.75)

For more details on Titans and/or other items that are on sale during FitWeek, make sure you drop by our stores or check out

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